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TEAM ROSTER: The maximum team roster is unlimited. Any manager or player who falsifies any information on the roster will be suspended from all MRPA leagues and athletics for one full year, including Brooklyn Center and Crystal.

FORFEITS: There will be a 5-minute grace period before a game is forfeited. A team must have at least 9 players to start and continue a game. A team may start with 5 women and four men, but may not start with 5 men and 4 women. Any team forfeiting two games will be dropped
from the league and no money will be refunded.

PROTEST: A protest may be entered with the recreation department, upon deposit of a $20.00 fee by the protesting team, which will be returned if the protest is allowed. Teams wishing to protest must notify the umpire in charge of the game in question, before resuming play. In addition, a written protest must be postmarked or delivered to the recreation department office within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

UMPIRES: The umpires shall rule the game at all times. Drinking or possession of beer or alcoholic beverages in the parks is forbidden. The use of vulgar or profane language is not allowed, and smoking is not allowed on the playing field or bench. Umpires will enforce these rules and will be supported 100% by these departments.

RAIN OUTS: If there are any questions about the playability of the field in case of inclement weather, ONLY THE MANAGER of each team should call the parks and recreation weather line (Brooklyn Center - 763-569-3442). (Crystal - 763-531-1173). This is a recorded message. Managers should call AFTER 4:30 P.M. Managers are responsible for informing their team members of RAIN OUTS. The league director will reschedule all rainouts.

U.S.S.S.A: The U.S.S.S.A. rules shall govern in all instances except where local rules may apply.

USE OF UNAPPROVED BATS: Any individual using a bat not approved by the USSSA will be ejected from that game and the team will forfeit that game. A second infraction by an individual will mean expulsion for the remainder of the season.

HOME RUN RULE: Teams are allowed 3 male and 3 female over the fence home runs per game. Any home runs over the limit of 3 shall be declared an out for that at bat only.

  1. No Children allowed in team bench areas (no bat boys or girls)
  2. First base bench for home teams.
  3. Full names to be used in score books.
  4. One hour time limit. No new inning may be started after 55 minutes of playing time. If the game is tied, it ends tied.
  5. Balls will be supplied for each game.
  6. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for two games. A second ejection, and hel she will be suspended for the remainder of the season. Ejections may occur before, during, or after a game.
  7. Any player ejected from a game for fighting will receive a three game suspension. For a second fight, the player will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  8. Any player throwing a bat especially in anger will be ejected from the game.
  9. A team may elect to bat all players at the game. To do this they must inform the umpire and other team manager prior to the start of the game. The ratio of men to women in the batting order must be equal. Men and women shall bat alternately, but two women may bat back to back. Any odd numbered males may alternate with another male in the order provided they use the same position in the batting line up, throughout the game.
  10. Controlled flexible substitution is permitted. If a team is batting 10, the starter may reenter once. If a team is batting everyone, any player may enter the game at any time as long as it is male for male and female for female. At no time shall the number of men in the field exceed the number of women.
  11. A courtesy runner shall be allowed for a player injured during the game. The courtesy runner must be the last person of the same sex to make an out.
  12. Any time a male walks, he automatically advances to second base. The next batter (female) has the option of hitting or walking.
  13. 15 run rule in affect after 5 innings, 10 runs after 6 innings. Flip flop rule in effect.
  14. 3 balls, 2 strikes, no courtesy foul, 7 innings. Ball is alive on second foul strike.
  15. The slide-or-get-out-of-the-way rule shall prevail. Safety first.
  16. Arch on pitches - 10 ft. maximum from ground, 3 ft. minimum from release.
  17. Pitching - The pitcher has 5 seconds to release the pitch when time is in.
  18. Three practice pitches to start game and between innings.
  19. Injured players may be replaced on your roster anytime during the season with authorization from league director.
  20. Ball out of play - 2 bases. Retouch rule in affect.
  21. Any player touching an umpire in a dispute is suspended for the year.
Any problems, call:    Joe Ericksen                                              OR                           Scott Berggren
                                           763-569-3400 Front office                                                         763-531-0052 Front Office
                                           763-569-3382 Direct line                                                           763-531-1152 Direct Line

SPECIAL NOTICES: All cars should park on the park side of street and never in front of any house.


NOTICE: The parks and recreation department does not provide accident insurance for participants in any of its programs. Participants assume all inherent risk of injury from their involvement in programs or activities.

                                            BROOKLYN CENTER                                                          CRYSTAL
                                            RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                               RECREATION DEPARTMENT
                                            6301 Shingle Creek Parkway                                            4800 Douglas Drive N
                                            763-569-3400                                                                   763-531-0052